The craft of winemaking at Lavina is achieved through the careful collaboration of a highly skilled team. Together, we respectfully nurture the McLaren Vale vineyards in honour of the incredibly complex (geology or geological formations) of the past, and bear fruit through bio-dynamic principles to ensure that the foundation of winemaking is sustainable for generations to come.

Sam himself closely guards the secret to the crafting of Lavina’s award winning wines, and has a nose for seeking out his ‘collaborators’ to achieve the sensory expertise required for a wine portfolio that has gained world- wide recognition. With minimal winemaking intervention, Sam and his team will handcraft each parcel of wine to reflect the varietal and diverse regional expression of its source.

Before crushing each bunch, the handpicked fruit is individually sorted through by a state of the art French Vaucher Beguet Mistral mechanized sorting table which removes all contamination such as raisins, leaves, stalks, petioles and damaged berries that would usually end up in the ferment. The perfect berries are then cold soaked in open fermenters for one week allowing natural fermentation to begin, before being over seeded with a French yeast strain. Fermentation is completed after two weeks with the wine delicately basket pressed straight to French oak barrels, ensuring no harsh or bitter tannins are extracted from skins or seeds.

Great attention is paid to oak selection from different forests and cooperages to enhance the dimensions and flavour composition of our wines. Our wine is carefully matured and aged in French oak in temperature controlled cellars for over 2 years before bottling.