Lavina Wine Export

Lavina’s wine export division has always recognized the importance of global trade and has developed and built a sophisticated and streamlined wine export business which supplies bulk and bottled wine at all price points to emerging and developed wine markets globally.

We have developed quality wine supply and production channels, which incorporates over 40 growers and wineries with 20,000 acres under vine. As a result we are able to produce and deliver Australian wines that suit our client’s specifications and price points for particular market places.

We have built an efficient strong team in and around Lavina wine export, from our company staff in Australia, Hong Kong and China, through to wine production, logistics & shipping, packaging, design & marketing, and through to our International banking and Foreign Exchange team.

Lavina’s staff are experienced in –

  • Letter of Credit Documentation
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Contracts and Distribution Agreements
  • Logistics
  • All Industry Documentation required for a seamless import clearance

We travel regularly to our international markets to support our partners and distributors with education, marketing, promotions, wine blending and bottling and wine dinners.

Our philosophy is to understand exactly what our clients and buyers demand and over deliver on the deal giving as many people in emerging wine drinking countries the opportunity to explore the magnificent and beautiful flavours of Australian wine as possible.

Our Lavina World Wine Mission statement is to simply get RESULTS, through

  • R elationships
  • E nergy
  • S ophistication
  • U nderstanding
  • L everage
  • T rust + Travel
  • S ynergy