Australian Bulk Wine Export

Lavina Wines exports high end premium, premium and commercial grade Australian wine to clients for bottling in their country of destination.

The wine is shipped in a ‘ready to bottle’ state using a 24000 litre single ply bladder.

This is a very efficient way to transport wine as:

  • the mass / volume of wine will remain at a steady, optimal temperature throughout shipping;
  • oxygen uptake is minimal;
  • the wine can be blended with another wine in the country of destination;
  • bottling and production can take place to suit the demand and objective requirements; and
  • the wine is easily analysed in the country of destination and adjusted if required.

CLICK HERE for AWBC requirements and information for bulk wine shipments.

Due to our constant turnover of bulk wine please contact us for a list of available bulk wines currently in stock.

Please also visit our page BUYING AUSTRALIAN WINE  for information we require from you when purchasing Bulk Wine.